Niel Joubert Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 (6 bottles)


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Great with rich red meats, stew and roasts

The wine’s deep mahogany colour belies the burst of ripe fruit, cherry, and blackcurrant on the initial aroma. The oak component on the nose is prominent but well balanced and presents as rich toasted notes. The nose is layered with savoury and tobacco undertones that emphasise its varietal. As with the aroma, the palate shows cascading layers of flavours. The first sensation is savoury followed by an abundance of fruit, specifically blackcurrant, plum and black cherry. The fruit component is juicy yet elegant, indicating perfect ripeness. Subtle tones of oak spice and vanilla show a well-integrated oak component. The tannins are bold, powerful, and structured and in perfect balance with the wine’s acidity. Overall, the wine has finesse and a lingering and well- rounded finish.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 16 cm





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