The SEVEN Wines Story

If you have visited The Daily Wine the last few months, you might have seen SEVEN Coffee Pinotage featuring in a few variety boxes.

Why have you not seen it advertised anywhere else? To explain this, we need to go way back to 2020.

It all started with 7 wines

In May 2020 South African found itself engulfed in the Global Covid-19 pandemic and we just had our first alcohol ban. The Daily Wine team decided to launch an online business that could meet customer demand post-lockdown.

At first, our site was very primitive we started the site with 7 wines from the Stellenbosch Family Wines range.

Why 7? Our founders have a special place in their heart for the number 7 and in the Bible 7 represents completeness or perfection. We underestimated how large the demand for online wines sales would be and we needed to expand our listings as fast as possible.

Among some of the wines we added was a Coffee Pinotage. The Coffee Pinotage very quickly became one of our best selling wines.

SEVEN Coffee Pinotage was born

In 2021 we decided that we want to honour our heritage and launch our own Coffee Pinotage.

We worked closely with a talented team of winemakers to craft our own Coffee Pinotage and decided to launch it under our own wine label - SEVEN Wines.

And that's how SEVEN Wine Coffee Pinotage was born! We are proud to sell this wine to our loyal clients and we are overjoyed to see them come back and order more and more.

SEVEN Coffee Pinotage (6 bottles)

SEVEN Coffee Pinotage (6 bottles)

SEVEN Coffee Pinotage (6 bottles)

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In the Bible 7 represents completeness or perfection. This wine has been fearfully and wonderfully made and we pray you will experience the completeness of God while enjoying it.

Tasting Notes:

This elegant Pinotage has undertones of red fruit, freshly ground coffee, and vanilla on the nose. This wine has a good balance of acidity and structure, with a well-rounded finish.

Only 2000 bottles were produced.

Alc 14.0%



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