Farewell to CyberCellar and Embracing the Future with The Daily Wine

Dear Wine Lovers,

We come bearing both sad and hopeful news from the South African wine industry. As you may have heard, our fellow online wine retailer, CyberCellar, has recently closed its doors due to unforeseen financial challenges. You can find the news article HERE.

We extend our sympathies to all those affected by this unfortunate turn of events, especially the dedicated team at Southern Skies Investment Holdings (SSIH) who worked tirelessly to rescue and rehabilitate the beloved CyberCellar.

At times like these, it's essential for the wine community to stand together, to celebrate the legacy of CyberCellar, and to look towards a brighter future. Southern Skies had grand aspirations for the wine industry, and we admire their commitment to challenging the status quo and propelling the industry towards prosperity.

While we reflect on the journey of CyberCellar, we want to extend an invitation to all those who may be seeking a new destination for their wine purchases. The Daily Wine is here to embrace those who once found solace in CyberCellar's excellent selection of wines.

As an online wine retailer, we take pride in curating the best wines at great prices and delivering to customers anywhere in South Africa.

The Daily Wine offers a seamless shopping experience, carefully selecting wines that we know you'll love. From robust reds to crisp whites and everything in between, our diverse range is sure to tantalize your taste buds and elevate any occasion. Whether you're an enthusiast seeking to expand your cellar or a casual sipper looking to explore new varietals, we have something to suit every palate.

We invite you to be part of The Daily Wine's bright future and as you contemplate your next wine purchase, we encourage you to choose The Daily Wine and join us on our journey to further enrich South Africa's vibrant wine culture. Our commitment to exceptional service, passion for the craft, and dedication to sourcing unique wines will surely win you over.

Together, let's raise a glass to a prosperous future for the South African wine industry. We sincerely thank you for your continued support and faith in us.

To order your favourite wines or to explore our exclusive selection, visit us at dailywine.co.za


The Daily Wine Team